1) Is it true that porn stars use Cialis?
There is no information about it, but we think that it is possible. Porn star work is rather hard – he always should be ready and that’s why we think that using of Cialis is not a bad idea in this area. Besides, with the help of our pill, he will probably do his work better.

2) Is it possible to mix Cialis with food and drinks?
It is possible, by the way, after that kind of mix you will probably feel the result, but if you want to get most effective way, you should follow the instruction. Only after following the instruction it is possible to get best and fast saturation.

3) How use Cialis if you age is already more than 60 years?
If there are no problems with your health, there will be no changes. Sometimes age can be a reason to increase the dosage, but if it is your first try, we recommend you to start from smallest dosage – this way will help you to find the right one without any health harm.

4) What should be if my partner will drink alcohol during Cialis effect time?
This is not your body and it means that nothing wrong could happen. Don’t be worry about that. Everything you will feel is just a breath and it can’t change your body’s processes. Don’t forget that Cialis effect lasts longer than alcohol’s.

5) What should I feel after 40 mg of Cialis?
There were some cases when man decided to take 40 mg. In all of them, it wasn’t good, because it is a double pressure to your body. There is nothing scary has happened, but you should know that all of them does not felt excitation because their mind was busy of thinking about when it is will end.

6) Is it possible to take Cialis on the board of the plane?
It is possible, but only if you know that there are no problems about nervous and cardiovascular systems. In the air pressure is not the same and it means that you will feel double of them. Besides, before taking of Cialis, be sure that you will find a place to realize your fantasies.

7) Is it possible to buy your goods in pharmacy?
No, it is impossible. We should take care of our goods and that’s why it was important to create protection. Only ordering by our website can provide it because it is a kind of guard of the way of fake goods. Don’t buy goods in another place, even if you sure that they were made in our company.

8) I’m afraid to do the first step because I’m worried about the result. Is it normal?
Of course, it is normal because everything new in our life scared us. Everything you should do is to start from the smallest dosage – it will protect you from fast changes and show what is it possible to expect from increasing of it.